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Sunday, 28 December 2014

StarBubble's City

Hey Minecrafters

I have something to tell you. Whenever
you're building a house, I've found that it's good
to make it four blocks high. This makes it much easier to fit things into your house that you want to build like tables and chairs. It makes sure there's enough space for things
that you need.

Here are a couple of photos of buildings that I have built - one is a 4 block building that I have made as a supermarket, and the other is a house. I really like this house because I had added a
balcony and two gardens.



My name is StarBubble06 and I am the new addition to Crafters Jnr. My sister is Mimsy and you can call me Bubble. I am better at doing the exterior than the interior. I like to build with stained clay in my City world and Mimsy does the interior for me. I am looking forward to building in Craftopolis and sharing my knowledge of modern housing with you. I hope to get a new skin soon.


Friday, 26 December 2014

Hi I'm queenzrule

You probably haven’t heard about me but I am… queenzrule!
I like to build modern houses and create funky buildings. I hate Ghasts and things that try to kill me. I also enjoy Parkour because it is challenging (even though I can hardly complete the first part!)
I hope to see you around,

~ queenzrule

P.S. just call me Queenz :D

Introducing.... waterkiwi!

Rendered Image

I like minecraft because of the parkours (even though I am not very good!)
I like building on creative. I specialize in building theatres, sport places and shops. I don’t like survival because of the loss on blocks and it is really hard to smash the blocks to get them.
I also don’t like monsters such as ghasts, creepers, zombies, skeletons and spiders.
I’m working on the older crafters city - Craftopolis. So far on this I have built a theatre, Divine Cakes, an art shop and many more to come! :D

Also, please call me water!
I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts!

~ Water :P

Hai- I'm CrusadersKiwi!

Hai everyone,

I'm CrusadersKiwi -one of the Crafters Jnr. I like building tall buildings like skyscrapers and transport like subways and planes. I can do tutorials on how to build my transport. I am currently working on a 14-storey hotel for the Craftopolis city which I am working on with other Crafters/Crafters Jnr. I hope you like this blog and my posts.